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 Link with Burkina Faso

Since 2001 Friends of Hagg Wood has had a link with the Waoogtaab la Boumbou group in Burkina Faso.  They have planted 4,000 neem, eucalyptus, and acacia trees in and around their village of Barkoundba, located 45 kilometres  northeast of  Ougadoudou, the capital.

According to Ousmane Bonkoungou, their correspondent, "The trees that we have planted were provided by the Nongtaaba Rural Area Development Committee, a non governmental association of peasants of which our village is a member. " Our problem is lack of water. The climate is hot and some of the trees die."   

In 2002 we took some photos of working parties in Hagg Wood with a disposable camera which was sent to Ousmane who fiinished the film with many photos of people and trees in Barkoundba.    A display of photos from both groups was later shown at the Dunnington Village Fair, the Dunnington primary school, and a public meeting in York organised by the Fanteakwa link group.

Update provided by Margy Vernon - May 2010   I received a letter from our friends in Burkina Faso.  Bonkoungou Ousmane wrote in English for the first time.  Apart from him expressing his 'joy' in getting letters and news from us, he told of how they tried last year to plant seeds which were given to them by an NGO, for a crop for biofuels  (ie. gas, oil, kerosene)   But unfortunately the rains failed and the seeds died.   However, they are going to try again.   He sends greetings to all the members of Friends of Hagg Wood. 

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