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                                               Friends of Hagg Wood

                                                      (Dunnington, York)                                         

                                                 Newsletter - July 2007                         

Dear Friend,

The rhododendrons are mostly over flowering now and start to make a new growth and buds for next year. But, along the rides and ditches which have been cleared a wide variety of wild flowers can be seen blooming and corning into bloom. On sunny days several types of butterfly can be seen, especially the speckled wood, a fast flying medium sized one which is brown with yellow spots dotted about it's inner wings. The birds are busy nesting and many can be heard singing and calling to keep in touch with, and warn family and neighbours of approaching predators who may be a threat.

During the hot, dry weather we had recently a fire was reported to us which had been left burning. In those weather conditions no fires should be lit in the wood as a forest fire can be devastating, They can spread like the recent moorland ones caused by sparks from railway engines and other man-made causes.

Our monthly working parties are suspended during the summer months and resume again on the 8th September and then on October 13th, November 3rd and December 1st.


Barry Wright will be continuing his hedgerow survey in July but dates are not available at present.

 A garden visit to Moor Monkton on July 8th has been arranged and one to Castle Howard Arboretum on the 21st October. Details of the above can be found by ringing Linda on York 489127.

The guided walks in the wood are on the third Friday in the month, meeting at the parking area at the end of Intake Lane, weather permitting. Please come prepared with suitable clothing and footwear for present and recent weather conditions.  Linda (Tel: 489127) can be contacted if you need a lift or further information.

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