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                                              Friends of Hagg Wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Newsletter - May 2008

   Dear Friend,


   This year has been another year of great achievements. These are visible firstly in the new welcoming board that now adorns the entrance to the wood,

    which is the result of several months work by members of the FHW committee in coordination with Nick Short and Cath Brason of the Forestry

   Commission, our graphics designer, Vince Danks, and local artist Daphne Hancox and the photographic talents of FHW member Tony Hudson, together

   with financial  support from the City of York Council and the BBC Breathing Places fund.  Our second great achievement this year in lasting form is the

   new version of our 48-page booklet Hagg Wood – Past, Present and Future  that is now available, and which all FHW members should have already

   received.  It is the result of the magnificent efforts over several months of Linda Maggs and other members of the FHW committee, Stephen Moorhouse,

   Barry Wright, and many others, and has received financial support from the Local Heritage Initiative of the Heritage Lottery Fund.


   Our conservation work, assisted by BTCV, has helped to produce a magnificent display of bluebells, wood anenomes and primroses in the wood again

    for you to enjoy this Spring, and a sight not to be missed!  On Thursday 22 May, we have an exploration of the history and natural history of local

   hedgerows, led by hedgerow expert and FHW member Barry Wright., who has been carrying out an extensive survey of the hedgerows around the

   adjacent medieval village of Scoreby. Our exploration starts at 6.30pm by the Children’s Playground in Intake Lane.  Drawing upon his considerable

   experience in improving a local natural environment that lies close to Dunnington, Craig Ralston of Natural England will be giving an illustrated talk on

   the Natural World of the Lower Derwent on Wednesday 28th May at 8pm in Dunnington Reading Room.  We do hope that you can come to what

   promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable meeting.  We will start this session with our FHW  Annual General Meeting.  If you would like to stand

   for the committee, or nominate another member for the committee, please email your nominations to me at  davidmays@onetel.com by 14 May 2008.

   If you wish to propose an amendment to the Constitution, please refer to paragraph 9 of our Constitution 


  If we are to be able to continue our good work, we really do need your support. We have several vacant places on our committee that need filling

  with able and enthusiastic members, just like yourself!!  So please do not be shy in letting us know that you could make a helpful contribution to our

  work.  Linda Maggs will be retiring this year as Treasurer, a post that she has held with considerable distinction for several years, so if you have

  financial skills that can help in this direction, please get in touch. There are plenty of reasons also for you to renew your annual subscription

  using the Membership form.


  Dr David Mayston


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