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                                             Friends of Hagg Wood

                                                      (Dunnington, York)

                                        Newsletter - Special Edition (Nov 08)

The Autumn colours in Hagg Wood have been beautiful again this year. As our booklet on its history and natural history has said, "Hagg Wood is a wonderful place with lots to treasure: the trees, the flowers, the herbs, the fruits and nuts, the wildlife and the beauty". One other important reason we can enjoy it, and which we have so far tended to take for granted, is its peace and quiet as a place for healthy exercise and refreshment. Unfortunately this peace and quiet is now threatened by the current planning proposal to build six substantial aircraft hangers at nearby Elvington Airfield, with proposed new northern and eastern flight paths for the aircraft using these facilities that pass very close to Hagg Wood. According to the City of York Council, who received the original planning application, the proposal seeks "to promote the continued operation and development of Elvington as a premier aerodrome for the City of York, capable of serving the needs of business and tourist travellers in the twenty-first century", noting that  "Due to the length, width and strength of its runway, Elvington Airfield has the ability to cater for the largest and heaviest aircraft yet designed and, as such, is eminently suited to accommodate the burgeoning demand for aviation in this part of the North of England. Given its proximity to the City of York, Elvington Airfield has the potential to secure a CAA licence for the operation of twin and multi-engine businesses and air taxi aircraft".

An assessment by York Aviation LLP envisages potential new annual flight movements in excess of 10,000 a year.  Fifty per cent of this activity is anticipated to be within the three-month summer period, so that peaceful summer days near the flight paths may become a thing of the past. Dr Howard Latham, an expert acoustics witness, has concluded that the proposals overall involve a "risk of significant to severe noise impact". Previous surface-based commercial activities at Elvington airfield led to considerable unhappiness for many local residents. At the very least, peace and quiet will not increase . The proposed new development is in the Green Belt, which is intended to be our protected local environment. Given the existing availability of several other airports and airfields in the region, you may feel that the required "very special circumstances" have not been demonstrated for the need for the new development, compared to the costs that it will impose on those who wish to continue peacefully to enjoy our local countryside, which itself is an important environmental asset for York and its inhabitants.

While the City of York Council refused to approve the original application for six hangers, the proposers have since appealed.  The resultant public inquiry has recently been extended to 12th December. If you wish to object to the proposals, there is still time for your views to be heard, so long as you write soon, addressing your letter to the Planning Inspector, Elvington Airfield Enquiry, c/o Matthew Parkinson, Planning Case Officer, Environment and Planning, City of York Council, 9 St Leonard's Place, York YO1 7ET.

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