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                                           Friends of Hagg Wood

                                                      (Dunnington, York)

                                           Newsletter - Spring 2009

For all those who had reservations about the proposed development at Elvington Airfield and its impact on the peace and quiet we could continue to enjoy in our local countryside, including Hagg Wood, there has recently come the good news that the proposed development has been turned down by the Planning Inspector. His report reflects many of the concerns FHW members have raised over the proposed development, so the effort of all those who wrote to him or attended the public inquiry hearings has helped to have had an impact which many FHW members will welcome.

We again have a full programme of activities indoors and outdoors for you to enjoy. On 11th February at 8pm, Chris Fawdington will be giving an illustrated talk on the impressive work which he and his volunteer-colleagues have been putting in to restore Howsham Mill, which is set in idyllic surroundings south of the A64 between York and Malton, to its former glory as a magnificent fully working watermill. Barry Wright, our hedgerow expert, will also give a brief update on the work we have been doing making progress on the Dunnington Hedgerow Survey. On Saturday 14th February between 10am and 1pm, we will be combining our monthly Conservation Working Party with a Tree Planting session as part of the Tree for All campaign that is sponsored through the Woodland Trust, whose Community Woodland Network we are members of.  So if you would like to take part in this  positive contribution to our local environment, come along and if possible, bring gloves and a spade. We will meet at 10am at the wood end of Intake Lane, so join us for as long as you can.  

On March 31st at 7.30pm, we are invited to join Terry Weston our local expert ornithologist and wildlife photographer, will be giving another of his lavishly illustrated talks, this time on the beautiful wildlife he has discovered in Brazil, many with feathers attached, and to which we are invited by courtesy of Dunnington Conservation Group. For some healthy exercise, we have a cycle ride to Buttercrambe and local woods on Sunday 5th April. Following our AGM at 8pm on Wednesday 27th May, Sheila Nix will be giving an illustrated talk on Exploring Pockington Canal, that provides a 9.5 mile habitat for wildlife and has many heritage features between Pocklington and the River Derwent. On the afternoon of Sunday 7th June, we will be having a guided tour of the Lower Derwent Valley Nature Reserve hosted by Craig Ralston, of English Nature, who last year gave us a wonderful talk on the conservation work he has been directing there.

Our monthly Conservation Working Parties also continue on Saturday mornings, and we have plenty of useful things to do in the wood, in the bluebell area and elsewhere, so we would be very pleased if you can join us. We also have Friday Woodland Walks led by local countryman Ron Bielby on the 20th of February and March at 2pm. Once the new leaves appear, the Hedgerow Survey will begin again every Friday at 2pm, so again there is plenty of opportunity for you to take part in our many practical activities.

We always welcome new members, so if you have not yet joined, Elaine Hudson on 01904 481520 will always be glad to hear from you.  

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