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                               Friends of Hagg Wood

                                               (Dunnington, York)

                                    Newsletter - Spring 2010        

With the help of the Big Lottery Fund, we have produced two colourful leaflets (copies of which will be delivered to members with this newsletter). One is an updated version of our Welcome to Hagg Wood leaflet which gives lots of useful summary information on the wood, its history and natural history, and local setting. The other is entitled A Breathing Place within Hagg Wood, which describes the work which we have been doing over the past few years under the BBC Breathing Places initiative in an area of the wood which is pinpointed on the map on the back of this leaflet.  If you have not visited this area of the wood recently, you may be in for a big surprise at the new woodland area we have created there with plantings of English Alder, Rowan and wild cherry, and the transformed adjacent area of a mature silver birch wood that was previously dominated by invasive rhododendron. In our task, we have help from both BTCV and student members of the Conservation Society of the University of York. If you would like more copies of either of these leaflets, such as for yourself or for potential new members of FHW, please let Linda know on 01904 489127.

A related project we have been carrying out recently, with the help particularly of FHW members Barry Wright, Linda Maggs, Ron Bielby and other local volunteers, is the detailed surveying of the hedgerows around Dunnington. The fieldwork for this survey is now complete and we hope to have its results available for publication and your detailed inspection in the coming months. Barry Wright, who is currently completing his doctoral studies in environmental sciences at Sheffield Hallam University, will be giving an illustrated talk on the results of the survey at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 26th May at 8pm in the Reading Room, so please do come along to see all the great work which has been done to place on record this key part of our local natural history. 

We have a full programme of events this Spring for you to enjoy, so just think what you will be missing if you do not come along. These include outdoor visits to Holgate Windmill, Moorlands Wood and a beautiful wood near Chop Gate on the North York Moors. They also include indoor events led by Alan Eves, Director of Management for the North York Moors Forest District and organiser of the World Mountain Bike Championships to be held there in April, by Terry Weston with another of his wonderful photographic presentations, as well as by Barry Wright on our Hedgerow Survey.

In addition, we have our regular monthly Conservation Working Parties in the wood, which you are welcome to join to help us steadily improve its woodland environment. We have recently commissioned a report by local ecological consultant, Martin Hammond, on how best to progress our important work, and will be discussing this in the coming weeks.

If you have not yet renewed your subscription, do get in touch with Elaine Hudson on 01904 481520 or elainehudson@talktalk.net or complete the Membership form.


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